英名 Sansha's Nation Occupied Mining Colony
日本語名 サンシャ国が占領した採掘コロニー
DED評価 4/10
NPC Sansha
発生領域 High及びLow
進入制限 BCクラスまで

Sansha's Nation Occupied Mining Colony(サンシャ国が占領した採掘コロニー)はSansha Nationの4/10DEDサイトです。

サイトの侵入ゲートでは、バトルクルーザー級以下の艦艇及びそれらのTech 2相当の艦艇のみが入場できます。

DED Database Excerpt: Despite numerous laws across the empires bolstering security regulations after the outbreak of Sansha incursions in YC 113, mining colonies still provide a weak, target-rich environment for pirate factions…\\Sansha raiding fleets are wiping out the colonists and using their own Slaves to crew the mining equipment until it fails, leaving the colony as an empty husk. Eliminating the True Sansha Foreman is the most reliable way of shutting down the entire operation.

DED Threat Assessment: 4 of 10

  • 初期配置敵NPC
    • 14 x (Frigate) Centii Butcher/Enslaver/Plague/Ravener/Scavenger
    • 8 x (Frigate) Centii Savage/Slavehunter(Weapon Disruptor)
    • 2 x (Cruiser) Centum Exectrator(Weapon Disruptor)
    • 3 x (Cruiser) Centum Mutilator/Torturer
    • 3 x (Battlecruiser) Centatis Phantasm/Specter
  • 建造物
    • アクセラレーションゲート(ポケット内のNPC全滅で利用可能)
Enemy Detected: True Sansha Foreman detected in the next pocket. Eliminating this ship will cause the Sansha miners to lose their efficiency and eventually abandon the base.

  • 初期配置敵NPC
    • 12 x (Frigate) Centii Enslaver/Minion/Plague/Ravener/Servant
    • 6 x (Frigate) Centii Savage/Slavehunter(Weapon Disruptor)
    • 6 x (Cruiser) Centum Mutilator/Torturer
    • 3 x (Cruiser) Centum Juggernaut/Slaughterer(Weapon Disruptor)
    • 4 x (Battlecruiser) Centatis Specter/Phantasm
    • 1 x (Overseer Cruiser) True Sansha Foreman
Foreman Eliminated: The Foreman has been eliminated. All attached Slaves in the colony are now useless to the Sansha. Time to scoop up the loot.

True Sansha Foreman

確定ドロップは“8st Tier Overseer's Personal Effects”(第8監督者の私物)(1.2M ISK)。Centum C-typeのDEDモジュール及びPhantasmのBPCがドロップする可能性があります。

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